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Safety Manager
We understands its role as the owners Prime Safety. As prime safety we will provide a qualified Safety Coordinator. Our safety coordinators will be responsible for coordinating health and safety for the entire workplace.

The duties of our Safety coordinators are to :
  • Communicate safety expectations to all contractors, subcontractors and workers on the work-site this will be done with a formal orientation program
  • Communicate all safety issues with owners rep as well as communicate the primes safety authority on the site and the relationship with the owner.
  • Coordinate and sequence work as it relates to safety Conduct a written assessment of high-risk situations and work timing
  • Determine the number of persons expected and currently on site
  • Provide and coordinate suitable access and safe delivery of equipment and materials
  • Ensure that an approved traffic control plan is in place.
  • Ensure that an emergency response plan is communicated and documented to everyone on site
  • Establish and maintain first aid services as required under section 3.16 or the regulation
  • Ensure that a qualified safety coordinator and representatives (safety coordinator and supervisor or foreman are identified for each contractor and subcontractor)

What the safety group can do for you:
  • Oh&s manuals Procedures practices
  • Safety management plans
  • Site safety inspections
  • Wcb liaison Safety solutions in a timely manner
  • Safety meetings
  • Accident/incident investigations Safety audits
  • Construction safety management
  • Emergency rescue plans;
  • Dedicated experience safety personnel
  • On site training /fall protection/ confined space etc.
  • Mobile equipment training Prime safety
Price: $2,500.00
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