• Product name will be used as the title of your product or service
  • Publicly shown means all website visitors will see, Registered means the sales person must ne login to see your product or service
  • Minimum Sales amount equals the bare minimum you are willing to accept as an order example $100
  • Commission on the sales amount example 10%
  • Upload an image that will be displayed on the website above your ad.
  • The description section is your ad, put in as much detail as possible to covey what you are selling
  • Form validation period may take 24 hours if we have question we will contact you for clarification.
  • One-time payment required for Ad placement. Pay online here.
  • Ad will be placed on the website for our registered sales people to start selling.
  • A request for quote or a lead is generated an email will be given to with the contact information.
  • Once you sell the product or perform the service the commission must be paid.


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Note: All position in this section is 100% commission, no base pay.
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